Stralsund Zoo

From the Farmyard to the Jungle

The Stralsund Zoo would like to take you on a relaxing, interesting and educational journey through the fascinating world of animals and plants.

We invite you to enjoy the enchanting tropical flair of the South America House, study the interesting social behaviour of our pack of Arctic wolves, and admire our majestic lions. Experience the turbulent family life of the chimpanzees and relax in the attractively landscaped park of the Stralsund Zoo.

The Stralsund Zoo not only houses a wide variety of wild animal species, but also numerous breeds of domesticated animals. Sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks and geese live on the zoo’s demonstration farm. Our breeding population of Baroque donkeys is unique in Germany.

Exhibits in the historical farmhouse, the farm garden and the windmill “Neue Mahnkesche Mühle” take you on a journey through the past.

The Stralsund Zoo offers recreational opportunities, valuable learning experiences and extensive information about our furry, feathered and scaly friends. We hope that our animals will act as ambassadors for their wild relatives and thus stir your interest in the natural environment and its protection.

Things to Do at the Zoo

For its youngest visitors, the zoo offers a large adventure playground and petting zoo. Here, children can climb into the enclosure, cuddle with our African Pygmy Goats and feed the animals with species-appropriate fodder. The fodder, which is available at the ticket office, can also be used for making friends with our other goats, as well as horses, sheep, deer and lamas.

On our playground, kids can slide, swing, seesaw, ride the merry-go-round and climb. Young visitors confined to wheelchairs can look forward to “taking a spin” on our merry-go-round for physically disabled children.

If you’re feeling hungry, pay a visit to our bistro "Delikater". The menu includes small snacks, cake, ice cream and various refreshments.

The Stralsund Zoo offers a wide variety of programmes for pre-school and school children, as well as for adults. Project days and guided walks are offered for school classes. Kids can take part in the summer holiday programmes during the most beautiful season of the year. For adults, the zoo offers exotic barbecue evenings, informative guided tours and much more.

Stralsund Zoo 
Visitors’ entrance: Grünhufer Bogen 2, 18437 Stralsund | Postal address: Barther Straße 57a, 18437 Stralsund, GERMANY
+49 3831 253 480